Team Diagnostic Tool

This (English) tool diagnoses the effectiveness of a team on a range of selected capabilities. It helps a team to identify the areas where it can increase its ‘health’. A team can assess the impact of improvement initiatives by re-measuring after a certain period (typically 6-12 months).

Who can work with the instrument?
The instrument can be used by leaders of teams, coaches, consultants, researchers etc.

What is the background of the instrument?
A powerful team masters a range of capabilities. These capabilities are grouped in five areas:

1. Meaningful purpose:
the team has a clear right to exist and its purpose energises all team members

2. Powerful connections:
the team members work together in a way that brings out the best behaviour in them

3. Creating mindset:
the team adopts powerful mindsets that generate learning and contribute to success

4. Committed focus:
the team organises and governs itself around clear objectives

5. Transformational dialogue:
the team members engage in powerful dialogue and reflective action that makes the team grow.


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